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JAMP Systems – Job Allocation Management and Production System – is a web-based software developed by NEGESCO company. A complex but easy to use software is created to help professionals with business management. The program is designed to convert complicated tasks - that every company faces on daily basis - into simple steps, making leading the company effortless and more efficient.. 


NEGESCO - New Generation Software Company - is a young company with enthusiastic, experienced staff equipped with great ideas. Our own experience and highly trained professionals under strict supervision helps us create a software that ease the management of your business. To find out more about NEGESCO group, follow the link: www.neges.co

A user friendly complex software which is extremely easy to use, designed to help management of small to large scale business, especially in the field of woodworking, as we offer vast library including more than 40 000 items. Designing smart and intuitive program to increase the job efficiency is our priority.
JAMP is a web based cloud system. It gives you the ability to access your databases, track your jobs, generate reports and proposals wherever you are. You are not limited by your local office machine or local server. Therefore website performance is never compromised and is extremely reliable.


About JAMP Systems

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We take your privacy very seriously. We realize how sensitive your information can be. Therefore, our highly qualified and trained professionals developed sophisticated security system.

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Employee Performance Reports

For many businesses, including the smallest ones, the most significant cost is labor. Salaries and wages comprise the major line-item expense for most small and large scale manufacturing companies.

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Easy to Use

JAMP makes it extremely easy to know what's going on with your projects. Just one glance at a dashboard will let you see all your recent activities, view recent invoices, proposals and access the information with just one click.

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