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JAMP Systems

I think what I should begin with, is the fact that this software was created for personal problem solving. After searching for perfect business management for quite some time, Mikhail – the founder of NEGESCO, decided that it was time to give up on finding what he needed and create his own program. He met a young software developer who began working on the project. This was the foundation of JAMP Systems which later became a software with broad spectrum of features and functions. A team of experienced enthusiastic professionals have been working on JAMPs for more than three years.


So how does JAMP Systems solve problems?

As it was mentioned above, JAMP Systems is specifically designed for woodworkers. Creating proposals can take hours, sometimes even days. When a company receives an order, what they have to do is go through drafts and check measurements of every item, calculate price of materials, count man-hours, add taxes and margins, then write everything down in a special form, which has to be filled out with company and client information. Did you realize how long it took just to read this? Imagine doing this for every order, then having to recalculate everything because customer changed measurements or materials and sometimes even do all of this in vain, because they cancelled the order. Frustrating right? Now imagine if all of this was done for you in minutes. Not by the hands of your exhausted employee, but by a software. It would need just few clicks. “Too good to be true” does not apply to new generation technologies.


How does it work?

Vast library of more than 40 000 woodworking items and materials is included in JAMP Systems, complete with prices, measurements, links to the materials. Best of all – every item is pre-assembled. Every detail – modifiable. All you have to do is find the item you need, drop it in a quote and the prices will be calculated automatically. The form is pre-filled with important information about your company and client. Taxes, margins and cost of business per hour already included in every quote. Changes in the order? No problem, recalculations happen in an instant. Change an item measurement and see every necessary change in material sizes happen automatically and price being updated before your eyes. Total of an invoice is connected to a quote in a pre-filled form, so all it takes is a single click. Another massive feature included in JAMPs – JTS, or a Job Tracking System. This is a unique system designed to convert a complicated process into a simple one thanks to friendly user interface and to ensure full control. Job distribution becomes straight forward. Simply assign tasks and hours to your employees and watch the job progress. Tasks are divided into smaller steps called trackers to insure that employees are properly instructed regarding a task ahead and progress is calculated as accurately as possible. This feature is also connected to statistics – control the efficiency of your employees while keeping them motivated to do better.


Eliminate paperwork and save time

It is time. We know how old ways stick and it can be difficult to make a change, but development is vital part of any company’s success. Digitalizing your database and paperwork is becoming more and more essential and who would say no to saving time and money? We offer you to do what you love, instead of being buried in paperwork. And let's be real, your employees could also use some freedom from all the paper-filled burden.


But there's even more.

Clipboard to write notes, dashboard to see latest quotes, invoices and financial situation, jobs to control orders, statements to compile all unpaid invoices in one, action log to keep everyone informed regarding specific order details, general list – perfect global search tool, Users list and Customer list for keeping all your information in one place, company settings for default texts and values, event log to keep track of every click in your system, RFI – perfect for communicating with clients. This and many more can be found within JAMP Systems.


Where is all this data stored?

No, we are NOT flooding your computer with immense information. We do not use your storage. JAMP Systems does not even require an installation on every computer. Simply sign up and sign in, access from any place with internet connection. Let every employee use your system with restrictions and permissions.


What about security?

We understand the sensitivity of company information, therefore we provide top notch security. This system is cloud based and no one other you and people you trust can access your data. We have separate team solely dedicated to security issues and we are constantly prepared and updated for any kind of threat that can arise. We can assure you that storing your data in ultra-secure servers provides you with better protection than locking papers in your office.


How do we know what a company really needs?

The answer to this question is as simple as it gets – because we are one. The founder of NEGESCO, Mikhail Tsinadze has been working in the woodworking field for more than 30 years. He is also the leader of drafting company CadCabinets, which has been using JAMP Systems since its conception. We have been testing this software, making changes, adding features, developing and expanding for years. Now we are confident that JAMP Systems can help other business leaders be more efficient in their work and increase their income, as it did for us. Therefore, we decided to share.


Here's the list of features with descriptions:


Click. Click. Drop items. Done.
Sounds too simple?
After few easy actions your quote is filled out, prices are calculated, material cost and material takeoff
easily accessible, quote ready to be downloaded to be sent to a customer. Every quote you ever
created stays in the system and is easy to locate. Never lose important documents again.

Need an Invoice?
Price of a quote is connected to an invoice. Company and client data automatically filled out. All you
need to do is specify which type of invoice you would like to create – deposit, progress payment or
balance due. The amount is calculated automatically. Would you like to send the invoice you just
created to your client? Simply checkmark “Notify the customer” box. The e-mail with the invoice will
be sent to your client with payment date included.

Have questions for your customers? Use RFI.
Request for information: ask your client questions regarding a specific order, attach files and see
their responses online. Everything is clear and recorded in the system. This can help you
communicate with your customers easily and avoid future confusions.

JTS and Statistics – stay in full control.
Already created a quote? It is time to distribute job between your employees. Assign a manager to a
job, create tasks and hours, assign them to your employees and track their progress thanks to
innovative JTS feature. You are in full control. Also, employees won't complain – this system makes
the work easier for them. They will know their exact task, the steps they need to make to complete it,
how much time do they have, who is the supervisor and what percentage of task have they already
completed. Plus, it keeps them motivated – their performance reflects on statistics. You will be
informed about who's excelling in their work and who's been slacking off.

Vast woodworking libraries

A woodworking library consisting of more than 40 000 items and materials has been created for
JAMP Systems in order to simplify the process of quoting and calculating. The prices are taken from
leading companies in the U.S., their websites and catalogues. Items are already pre-assembled and a
link with a price is provided with every material. A sophisticated system will calculate the price of
your final product according to measurements and materials. Every aspect of the item can be
modified thanks to extremely user-friendly interface.

Stay connected with your co-workers by leaving them notes on the main page. Communication is
important and we have taken care of it. Pin your notes to the top, determine priority, set expiration
dates, keep them personal or public. Clipboard is one of the small features which makes working
process considerably easier.

See the latest quotes, invoices and statements on the main page. Find quotes due for payment and
all of your company financial statistics with a single glance. Also, check out important notes from
other users on clipboard.

Customers list
Keep your client database in one place, complete with every detail. Transferring the list of your
customers can be a tiring and time consuming task, especially for large-scale companies. Therefore,
we provide service to upload them for you.

Users list
Add your employees to your system, arrange them in groups according to their position, activate,
deactivate or delete them from JAMPs. Give or take permissions to access certain parts of the
software or perform certain actions. Assign them tasks, which they will see in their own account with
all the instructions.


Action log

Not everything can be added to a proposal and this can create confusions in a company. A client
called and requested changes? An employee removed an item for a reason? Manager of a client left
and can't be contacted anymore? All this and anything else you can think of can be recorded in
action log and connected to specific quote or company. This way, everyone can stay informed about
minor changes or necessary information without having to dig in papers, notes or their own

Task library
Create standard tasks and trackers, then assign them to your employees easily while distributing a
job. This can save a lot of time, especially if tasks are often the same for different orders.

Reward your special customers using our credits system. Define what percent of an order total would
you like to gift to your client and let them use it on next order. Also, you have an option to assign
credits manually. Motivate new clients by giving them a discount on their first order. One credit
equals one U.S. dollar.

Keep track of every order you have received thanks to Jobs feature. Orders are grouped in active
jobs, active redlines, recently completed, quote requests and redline requests. You can navigate
through these tabs and easily find what you’re looking for with all the necessary information
provided on the same page, including accurate job progress percentage.


In some cases, client requests a small change that you don't want to charge them for. For this
purpose you can create redlines. Redline is a type of work order that tells you that this a free of
charge change or addition to an order, even if it's past deadline.

Change orders
Changes or additions are too big to do it for free? No problem. Change orders are quotes that are
connected to the original quote. These are changes that you are charging your client for. You can
distribute job separately for the change order.


Group all the unpaid invoices of a company into one. Send a single statement to your client instead
of sending a few invoices. The process could not be easier: simply drop invoices in a single

Event log
Would you like to keep track of every click happening in your account? This can avoid lot of awkward
situations. Find out which user clicked which button at what time and see a complete information
regarding the event.

General list
When it comes to finding a quote, even the one created years ago, general list makes it simple. Use
filters to search through your quotes and find the one you're looking for. Find a quote according to
date or time interval when it was created, company, type, payment method and other characteristics..


Company settings
Set default prices and texts that will appear in quotes and invoices so that you avoid filling them out
each time you create them. Also, create a schedule: set working days and hours, lunch times, day
off-s and overtimes in our simplistic calendar.

User settings
Change personal information like name, e-mail and password easily from user settings.


Account management
The account is completely separate module were you keep your personal and company information,
payment details and user permissions. Here you will find your last payment, date of next payment,
your credit cards and latest transactions. This is where you manage employee restrictions. Allow or
deny access to any part of JAMP Systems to the users of your system. Initially, only the owner of the
software can access this feature. However, using permissions, you can give access to your account to
the people you trust.


Small company? No problem!

JAMPs is affordable for any company, small scale to large scale. Different companies have different needs. Small woodworking shop with only few (if any) employees is not going to need all of the features that is essential for a large corporation. Therefore, we have packages. Simply choose what you need and pay accordingly. JAMP Systems is subscription based. Pay monthly, quarterly or yearly and cancel anytime you want. We want to offer solution to every business leader, despite the scale.


Avoid making mistakes.

Statistics tell us that large amount of start-up companies fail due to simple mistakes that can be easily avoided. JAMP Systems is intuitive software that does not let you make mistakes. Reminders and alerts will guide you through the process of flawless business management.


Does it sound complicated? We are here to help.

There are tips, F.A.Q.-s and tutorials available for every one of our customers. Instructions are included inside of the software, within every page, so you'll never get lost. However, we still don't leave you alone with the software. We have excellent customer support service representatives that are willing to give you online screen sharing tutorials and guide you step by step for free. Take as much time as you need. However, we are confident that our user friendly interface will ensure excellent experience even for people who are just starting.


Future development

We are constantly working on improving the software and adding features that we and our clients can benefit from. Here's what our team of highly qualified software developers is currently working on:


Ahead planning

This is a new level of job distribution. You can plan how to assign tasks and hours to your employees,
re-arrange them, find the flaw and correct them, check out the times and deadlines – all this can be
done in an extremely user-friendly environment where you simply drag and drop tasks in a company
calendar. Once you are satisfied with the results, create all the tasks with a single click.

HR Module
Human Resources is a separate module that will co-exist in JAMP Systems family. This software will
let you control your employee timings, their clock-in and clock-out hours, calculate their hourly
wages, provide forms for vacation and day-offs, everything you might need for your staff

Financial module
Control your finances in extreme detail in a user-friendly software. See your complete statistics and
have more tools to deal with every financial issue.


Our goals

Our main objective is to give business leaders tools to make their work and business management easier, more efficient and help them increase their income. We want JAMP Systems to be essential part of company management in woodworking industry and later on – in many other fields. We are aiming to go big and provide solutions to every business in need. Also, self-development is big part of what we do. We want to ensure that JAMPs meets the needs of every customer. We are open to feedback and suggestions and our team will continue to be in the service of business leaders to guarantee the best results.