Find every feature required for your company business management in JAMP Systems
We cover everything from quotes and proposals, including instant material cost and take-off, to job distribution.
Also, keep track of your employees and track your jobs.

The Quote feature makes it easy to manage your business


If you are tired of endless paperwork, you might consider electronic quotes. Easier for you – easier for your customers. You have your complete database and managing instruments at your fingertips. Through the main menu you can access not only your customers list, but also complete info, quotes, invoices and statements related to the customer. Creating quote is easy – simply access the customers quote list and create a new one. Here you can enter all the details of proposal and see the total price. Once the quote is created, you can edit or submit the quote. Once the quote is submitted, you are still able to revise it, however the original quote will be saved and easily accessible in this case. After submitting the quote you can distribute the job between your employees. You have control over the smallest details – every step of the work can be supervised. This way you can find problematic areas and keep an eye on timings. Also, you can create invoice for the customer and keep track of payments. You can set status of a certain quote – Approved, pending and N.A. (Not Approved). You have full control over your projects and it’s as easy as it gets.