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Quotes per month:
1-5   6-10   11-20   21-40   41-100   100+
Do you build custom cabinets or millwork?
Almost all my items are typical
We create some amount of custom items
We create custom items on regular basis
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How complex are the tasks that you assign to your emplyees?
Simple tasks that require no steps to fulfill
Relatively simple tasks that require a few steps to fulfill
Difficult tasks that consist of more that few steps
Would you like to see efficiency results for individual orders and how every step was handled?
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Would you like to stay informed about every click that your users make in the system?
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Features: BeginnerBasicSmall BusinessBusiness PlusCorporateEnterprise
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Customers: 1025100250500Unlimited
Items Library: +50+100+250+500+1000Unlimited
Materials Library:
Materials Cost:
Quotes: 5 per month10 per month20 per month40 per month100 per monthUnlimited
Jobs progress:
Jobs Log:
Action Log:
Work orders:
Job Tracking System:
General list:
Users job efficiency:
Quotes efficiency:
Customers efficiency:
Event Log:
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