Jamp systems makes it easier to receive and manage orders. With this function, you can create proposals, set deadlines, create invoices and statements, create and easily access list of blocks and items in the quote. – all in one place.

Work orders

Every proposal is complicated in its own way. We are here to simplify the process of dealing with it. You can divide every quote into work orders, which are parts of work that needs to be distributed between employees. You can assign manager, executor, hours needed to complete the job, change status of the work order, or mark it as completed. This will ease your way through work management and our intuitive interface will guide you through the process.


We automatically calculate statistics for you in matter of seconds, so you have all your numbers at the ready when you need them. Keep track of company progress as well as your own personal statistics, company statistics and user statistics. You will have an access to latest activities and yearly / monthly reports.


Kanban is a system used to control flow of work. It gives you the ability to keep track of progress of your work step by step, count the time it takes to complete each task, assign approximate time it takes for completion of each task and find problematic areas. Kanban system was developed by an industrial engineer at Toyota to improve manufacturing efficiency.